Legislative Vision & Goals


2024 is a golden opportunity.  It’s an election year and all things political are center stage.  It is a chance for us to capitalize on this perfect storm to let our community and our members know who we are and what we stand for as REALTORS®.

Primary Objectives:

1.  Make direct connections and build relationships with our candidates and elected officials.
2.  Reach our members and connect with them in a meaningful way about the work that our committee, our local/state/national associations, and RPAC are doing on their behalf.

Quarterly Highlights:

Q1.  Candidate Questionnaires sent to all local candidates
        Candidate forums- Cabarrus Co on Tuesday, Feb 20, and Stanly/Montgomery on Tuesday, February 27
        Voter Registration event
        Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Q2.  RPAC Event- Cornhole Tournament
        Legislative Days in Raleigh on June 4 & 5, 2024
Q3.  Round 2 Questionnaires go out to General Election Candidates
        CCAR Phone Bank
        Voter Email
Q4.  Finish RPAC Fundraising!

2024 NC REALTORS® PAC Initiatives:

  1. Legislation addressing Private Road Maintenance Agreements
  2. Funding and programming to assist in floodplain mapping and mitigation
  3. Legislative opportunities to address blight in communities, both of commercial and residential properties